Competition Information

Please note that only residents of the City of Tshwane between the ages of 18 and 35 years old may enter the competition. Proof of residence must be produced on request. Anyone who is found to contravene this rule will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

There are 5(five) auditions you can register for on various dates. You may only compete in one audition event.

Should you encounter any issues with the registration form, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Rules and guidelines

Suggested Themes

Poets are required to submit during registration, three new or existing original poems that focus on the following suggested social themes:

Note that you do not have to perform the poems that you submitted. The submission phase is just to ensure that you have the minimum amount of three poems to perform throughout the competition.

Structure of events

Audition Events


Round 1 - up to 40 poets

Round 2 - Top 15 poets from round 1

Top 5 from round 2 advance to Semi-finals


Featured Poet(Last year's Top 5)

2 Audience members / Volunteer Judges



Round 1 - 40 poets

Round 2 - 15 poets

Top 10 advance to the Grand Finale


3 invited judges

Grand Finale


Round 1 - Top 10 poets from Semifinals

Round 2 - Top 7 poets from Round 1

Round 3 - Top 5 poets from round 2


3 invited judges

Assessment Criteria

The judges will be considering the following criteria when judging the competition:

Each of the judges will be giving a score between 1.0 and 10. The total score per poet will be 30 points. The top five overall scoring poets for each audition event will advance to the semi-finals. In the event of a tie, the concerned poets will partake in a tiebreaker round.

Registration form

Fill in the attached registration form below or access it directly using the following link: